Improve Training with Accelerative Learning

May 24th, 2014 | By | Category: Environmental Management, Health and Safety

EHS Journal - Parcheesi by John Nyberg

Take a break and listen to this webinar from the Auditing Roundtable on adult learning and the power of Accelerative Learning. Michael Bittner from Ramboll Environment & Health and Amy McDonald from ERM are the guest speakers.


About Accelerative Learning

Some of the world’s leading companies use Accelerative Learning (AL) techniques to improve training effectiveness.  Not only does training retention and overall performance improve with AL techniques, but AL can also save time and money, help to build a healthier work force, and achieve a better safety return on investment, both financially and operationally.

At its heart, AL is a philosophy of learning that seeks to de-mechanize and re-humanize the learning process in order to make it a whole mind and body experience. The AL methodology ensures that the learning experience is engaging, motivating and memorable.


About the Auditing Roundtable

The Auditing Roundtable is a professional organization devoted to the practice of environmental, health, and safety sustainability auditing. Their popular national conferences, regional meetings, and webinars provide practical information to EHS professionals.

Photograph: Parcheesi by John Nyberg, Copenhagen, Denmark.


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  1. Eileen M. Pagan says:

    I give trainings on ISO/OHSAS and realized I was putting too much effort in ppt and ended up without voice to get the participants from sleeping. I was given the AL Handbook two month ago as my first Kindle download. I love the book and agree 100% in the guidelines. There’s no way audience enjoy our ppts if we don’t integrate the S A V I components!!! It optimizes their experience and my vocal cords are preserved.

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