The RACI Model Explained by Star Wars

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What is the RACI Model?

The RACI Model is a simple tool used to define responsibility for each task within a project. RACI is an acronym with each letter representing a different role to perform. The roles are as follows:

  • Responsible – The responsible employee physically does the work.
  • Accountable – The accountable employee oversees the work. If the job is not done satisfactorily, they will share part of the blame.
  • Consulted – The consulted employee offers advice or feedback to improve the work.
  • Informed – The informed party does not take part in the work, but should be notified of the results. Usually if someone may be impacted by the work, they should be informed.


RACI Model


Want an example?

As far as office projects go, “Destroy the Jedi” was one of the most ambitious. When the Stormtroopers failed to completely eradicate them, bounty hunters were called in to do the job. The chart above defines responsibility for all key players. Consider why each was chosen.

  • Responsible – Bounty hunters are responsible because they have a larger bandwidth than Darth Vader, higher skill than Stormtroopers, and are only paid in the event they are successful. In fact, bounty hunters should probably be used far more often, but that’s bureaucracy for you.
  • Accountable – Despite negative feedback from his co-workers (I believe the word “scum” was used), Darth Vader chose bounty hunters over pursuing the issue himself. If they fail, it will be another demerit for Vader, but considering his last one was the destruction of a moon-sized space station, chances are he’ll bounce back.
  • Consulted – Stormtroopers are not skilled enough to hunt Jedi, but they do have a commanding presence throughout the far, far away galaxy. They are more likely than others to notice the nice bearded man with a lightsaber. Therefore, they should be consulted, but are far too pathetic to engage in hunting or decision-making themselves.
  • Informed – Whether or not the Jedi are destroyed, Darth Sidious should expect a holo-memo in his desk-less workspace. After all they are the difference between galactic conquest and a speedy trip down an inconveniently placed Death Star pit.


Why should you know RACI?

The RACI Model ensures each task is assigned to the appropriate department. You shouldn’t ask human resources to do IT’s job. Not only will they struggle to produce quality work, but they’ll also be kept from other projects that require their attention

It also prevents unnecessary oversight. Graphic designers know what it feels like to be advised on layout by a software expert—annoying. Beyond the frustration, it slows the creative process by extending approvals, and wastes corporate dollars.

In addition, directors shouldn’t be bothered with an intern’s latest project. By establishing clear “Informed” parties, executives avoid the headaches of micromanagement.


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