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Maplecroft, a firm specializing in corporate risk intelligence, has compiled the following overview of natural disasters that have struck 15 countries in the past two weeks. Subscribers to the company’s web site can also download a Natural Disasters Index and maps showing economic losses associated with natural disasters.


Pakistan. 11 August 2010. The death toll from the Pakistan floods has surpassed 1,600 people. Approximately 14 million people have been affected by the floods, with 2 million left homeless. Thus far, US91bn has been pledged in aid; however, aid organizations say this is far from the total required, citing the US$495bn committed to Haiti following the earthquake earlier this year as a comparison. Further information: BBC

South Korea. 11 August 2010. Tropical storm Dianmu kills three people in South Korea. More than 100 buildings were reported damaged by flooding. Further information: Bloomberg

Niger. 10 August 2010. The Niger river floods leaving 5,000 people homeless. A further 20,000 people are at risk of displacement if heavy rain continues and the death of around 30,000 animals has sparked fears of the spread of disease. Other countries along the river have been affected, with deaths reported in Ghana, Burkina Faso and Sierra Leone. Further information: BBC

Nepal. 10 August 2010. A landslide in Bajura kills seven people and destroys a number of houses. The landslide was triggered by monsoon rains, which have also hampered rescue efforts. Further information: Earth Times

Poland. 09 August 2010. Flash floods hit central Europe and the Baltic region, killing at least 15 people. Deaths were recorded in Poland, Germany, Czech Republic and Lithuania. Widespread damage was caused to homes and thousands were forced to evacuate. Further information: BBC

Philippines. 09 August 2010. Tropical storm Esther kills one person and leaves 15 more missing as it sweeps across the Philippines. The reported death and 14 of those missing were aboard a freighter hit by the storm. Authorities also had to evacuate 200 families in Bulacan. Further information: CNN

Sierra Leone. 09 August 2010. A landslide in the capital Freetown kills thirteen people and destroys several mud houses. The landslide, which occurred in the early hours of the morning, was triggered by torrential rain. Further information: CRI

China. 07 August 2010. A landslide hits the town of Zhouqu in Gansu province, killing at least 702 people. Over a thousand people are still missing and the potential spread of disease threatens more lives. The landslide was triggered by torrential rain and flooding. Further information: The Guardian

Indonesia. 06 August 2010. Mount Karangetang on the remote island of Siau erupts. Four people are reportedly missing, feared dead. Several others were left injured by gas clouds from the eruption. Several houses were also destroyed. Further information: Today Online

Russia. 04 August 2010. Forest fires kill 48 people as Russia experiences its hottest summer since records began. Thousands have been forced from their homes and a state of emergency has been declared in seven regions. According to the Emergencies Ministry, the fires cover an area of 1,885 square km. Further information: Reuters

China. 03 August 2010. A landslide in Shaanxi province kills five people, with two further villagers still missing. The cause of the landslide is under investigation. Further information: CRI English

Nepal. 02 August 2010. Nine people are killed when floods swept through the Sipring Hydroelectric Project in Nepal. A further two people are reported missing and five were left injured. Further information: Nepal News

Mexico. 02 August 2010. A mudslide in Mexico City kills two workers and injures three. The men were working on a construction site that was hit by the mudslide, which was caused by heavy rain. Further information: CNN

China. 01 August 2010. Floods in northeastern China kill more than 100 people. Widespread damage has also been reported and nearly 600,000 residents have been evacuated. Water supplies to the city of Jilin had to be cut after chemicals were washed into the Songhua River, leaving 4.3 million people dependent on bottled water. Further information: AFP

Iran. 31 July 2010. Two earthquakes hit Iran killing one person and injuring 300 others. The earthquakes are reported to have caused widespread damage in the region of Kerman. Further information: Israel National News

About Maplecroft

Maplecroft is a leading source of global risk analysis. They research, index and map over 500 risks and issues to identify exposures and opportunities in both countries and companies. Maplecroft’s products and services are a vital resource for businesses and investors requiring analysis and insight into complex political, economic, social and environmental risks.

Photograph:   Lightning by Ante Vekic, Josipovac (Osijek), Hrvatska, Croatia.

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