Climate Change Emission Factors

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Resource Name Description
World Resources Institute / World Business Council for Sustainable Development Greenhouse Gas Protocol Calculation Tools A listing of cross sector and sector specific tools,  complete with guidance documents, for calculating GHG emissions.  From the creators of the most widely used international accounting tool for government and business leaders to understand, quantify, and manage GHG emissions.
EPA Climate Leaders Cross-Sector Guidance EPA guidance documents on preferred quantification methods for the most common emission sources, including emission factors and example calculations.  Contains stationary fuel combustion, mobile fuel combustion, electricity, and refrigerant emission sources.
EPA Climate Leaders Sector Specific Guidance EPA guidance documents on quantification methods for industry specific emissions, including emission factors and example calculations.  Contains waste landfilling, manufacturing refrigeration and AC equipment, iron and steel production, aluminum production, cement production, and paper and pulp production.
The Climate Registry, General Reporting Protocol The Climate Registry’s General Reporting Protocol outlines the policies of The Climate Registry and required reporting calculation methodologies for the majority of GHG sources.  Emission factors are at the end of each subchapter in Part III. Example calculations are also provided.
eGRID2007 Version 1.1 A table of the latest regional emission factors for purchased electricity in the United States.  The site includes a map of all sub-regions.
eGRID2006 Version 2.1 Zip Codes to US Electricity Sub-region Lookup A lookup tool which provides the US electricity sub-region based on the zip code entered.  (A full Excel version of this lookup tool is expected to be released soon.)
Energy Information Administration’s Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS) A survey of commercial building characteristics and energy consumption amounts which can be cited to estimate energy consumption where actual usage records are unavailable.  Tables E6A and E7A have the electricity and natural gas consumption by square footage and building end use.
Australian Government National Greenhouse Accounts Factors Greenhouse gas quantification guidance provided by the Australian Department of Climate Change.  Emission factors and global warming potentials are located in the appendix; some are Australia specific.
US EPA:  AP42 Emissions Factors Industry specific emissions factors for the production of many industry specific materials.

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Kyle Tanger is the founder of ClearCarbon, experts at measuring, managing and monetizing carbon. He has more than 14 years of carbon and energy expertise, having managed the complex greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory efforts of several multi-million dollar companies with combined GHG emissions totaling well over 150 million tons. In 2007, Kyle led supply chain carbon footprint analyses for Wal-Mart’s supply chain initiative pilot in conjunction with the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), and he continues to work closely with Wal-Mart on its Sustainability Index. Kyle has performed dozens of carbon lifecycle assessments for individual consumer products as well as larger supply chain analyses.

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