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Tablet computers and smartphones are not appropriate work tools for every professional or for every task; it really depends on what you do for a living. For auditors on the go, however, new generations of tablet devices, especially Apple’s iPad and iPhone, are proving to be essential working tools. Savvy auditors find plenty of ways to get more out of these devices than browsing the Internet and compiling photo slide shows.

Although tablets have been around for a while, the Microsoft Windows-based stylus devices lacked the intuitive interfaces that Apple has perfected. When you can touch the screen, use your fingers, and quickly navigate through information, the device makes your job a whole lot easier.

No doubt, tablets can be a handy e-mail machine when you’re away from the office, and their calendar features work well for anyone who spends time on the road. There’s much more, though. Increasingly, a growing number of features and apps are very useful to the auditor who spends significant time on-site at the client’s facility.  Here are a few:

  • Tablets, the iPad and iPhone in particular, support a wide range of data capture; you can take quick notes, photos, video, and audio related to findings.
  • Typing your notes directly on the iPad increases the efficiency of your audits.
  • It’s easy to collect data and export them into Word and Excel documents.
  • There are many affordable applications for various tasks, and new apps are continually being created.
  • It’s simple to pull up legislation, corporate standards, and other documents you need on-site.
  • Multiple auditors can collaborate on one audit.

Tablet computers can be very useful devices in all forms of site auditing, particularly when they are used to document audit activities and prepare reports. The key is not only to embed the device and software in your normal workflow but to leverage its data capture capabilities to make your job easier, more efficient, and more powerful.

About the Author

Jonathan Brun is the founder of, a web-based service to help you track EHS legislation in North America and audit in the field with your iPad and iPhone. A former EHS consultant, Jonathan has extensive experience helping clients stay in compliance with laws, regulations, ISO standards, and corporate directives.

Nimonik inc. offers the iPad and iPhone apps for performing audits. More information on the top-selling App for audits and verifications is available here.

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